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by Icer


It's not possible - they weren't playing hockey last night. Neither team was, for that matter. I've seen better disciplined team games in my rec league.

Forget teh faceoff goal, who hits and doesn't, which rookie played on what line. The game winning goal was the problem in a nutshell. 4 Flyers, all collapsed down low, all staring at the guy with the puck, but none actually skating towards him. I don't think any of them yet know where Ladd came from.

That situation has been getting worse for a few games. They all seem to be more worried about the guy with the puck than in playing sound positions. So they collapse, 3 guys on the puck. Even when the puck carrier is wearing the O&B. Its' team-wide. The whole team is playing like rookies. Uncoached rookies. Yup, I went there. Lava needs to extract his head from his nether regions and watch what's going on on the ice (though it may look eerily similar still). Then maybe he can get his players to do the same. It better change soon, and Homer better be telling Lava that.

Though the results are similar, I don't see the root problem being like last year. Last year, no one wanted to play. This year, thay all seem to be too focused on having to make the play themselves. Means they don't trust teammates? Which only makes it worse, becasue while you feel the need to make the play on the puck yourself, you're also tentative about committing. Which lets in 9 goals.

If teh Jets had shown up it would have been 14-3.

Posted on Oct 28, 2011, 12:48 PM
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  1. I agree with your analysis for this year, BUT....... dl, Oct 28, 2011
    1. ya just had to do it.... Icer, Oct 28, 2011
      1. you are right again...... dl, Oct 28, 2011
        1. If, if, if...... Icer, Oct 31, 2011
          1. good enuff......../nm. dl, Oct 31, 2011

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