goaltenders? or defensemen?

by Icer


How can you blame the goalies when the defense is by far the worst in the league and the coaches are terrible

Poor Bob plays great for the past few weeks, lets in ONE bad goal, and suddenly, he's useless.

I'm not sure what you wanted teh team to do, but if you look at all of the available goalies in the last off season, only one - giguere - is playing appreciably better than Bob. And what's his playoff reputation? His last decent season was in 2008, and he collapsed in the playoffs that year. He would have been vilified in Philly, with some of his "soft" goals.

Bryzy has been an absolute disappointment. Most people on this board thiought his signing was a mistake. But before you gon on about how we'll NEVER have a good goalie here -NEVER EVER!, give Bob a chance. That is, if the team ever will. One goal does not a goalie make. and you can't really judge him on the way Lava jerked him around in last year's postseason, on a team in total disarray.

Posted on Jan 4, 2012, 12:18 PM
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  1. Bob's Agent???. WCF, Jan 4, 2012
    1. don't know if it helps any..... Icer, Jan 4, 2012
      1. Clap clap. Freak, Jan 4, 2012
      2. ROTFLMAO!!! Too funny.. faithfullyflyers, Jan 4, 2012
        1. Is this "not letting him have his opinion"?. Sedsey, Jan 4, 2012
          1. ROTFLMAO!!!. faithfullyflyers, Jan 4, 2012
            1. Completely subjective. Sedsey, Jan 5, 2012
              1. As I said you've been much better. (nm). faithfullyflyersYou are boring, Jan 5, 2012
              2. Just ignore him. Brett, Jan 5, 2012
              3. To be fair.... CaliFlyer, Jan 5, 2012
                1. Not me!. WCF, Jan 5, 2012
                  1. Geez...give me a chance to post a pic first! That's harsh! (nom). Sedsey, Jan 5, 2012
                2. Overblown. Sedsey, Jan 5, 2012
                  1. Isn't that the reason we come here?. Freak, Jan 5, 2012
                    1. Sure. Sedsey, Jan 5, 2012
              4. I was trying to be subtle.. faithfullyflyers, Jan 5, 2012
                1. Keep venting. I love it!. Sedsey, Jan 5, 2012
                  1. Hey no problem.. faithfullyflyers, Jan 5, 2012
                    1. You're lucky we won tonight. Sedsey, Jan 6, 2012
        2. Dear Eskimo:. Icer, Jan 5, 2012
          1. LOL.. faithfullyflyers, Jan 5, 2012
            1. pretty close. Icer, Jan 5, 2012
          2. Shrug. Sedsey, Jan 5, 2012
      3. Excellent point about him being "our" goalie. Brett, Jan 5, 2012
        1. Don't forget.... Freak, Jan 5, 2012
        2. case in point. pelle31, Jan 5, 2012
        3. More numbers on Bob. Icer, Jan 5, 2012
    2. Kiprusoff? Hasek, even???. Sedsey, Jan 5, 2012

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