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by Outland


And that snippet coming from a guy who has more or less supported the U (even by his silences on this board) as the villager with the torches and pitchforks demand his head on a pike.

It'll be interesting to see if the guy tagged as Bryz-aster can play well at home and on the ice that he was just booooed off of a short while back. The Philly crowd will be a big factor what will ensue with him. From what I gleaned over the years, the U's never been a guy to handle criticism well. His emotional make up often demands more sugar and a carrot then the 2 x 4 upside the head and he's in the wrong in town when things aren't going well.

We all hate the contract. I'm with anybody who said cap cap cap the length and money. The Flyers owner and braintrust have been out of touch for years and when they free themselves from big deals handed out to golden boy Richards for his ONE good 1/2 year start and then Carter they spend it all on a single player. WTF is wrong with them???? I look back at the all big deals given by this organization lately and I can't point to anyone who really earned all of what they got. All have had had moments but all have been found lacking and wanting. Not even Pronger when he was healthy was worth the pay / cap hit. They just never seem to learn.

A quick word on Pavel Kubina. Saviour? The answer? My view of him is that he's been a waste of size and talent for many years much in the way Vladimir Malakhov was.


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