Flyers WIN against arrogant cheap shot Tankers

by Sedsey HATES the Tankers

Another game part of the 52 or some such pattern of not scoring first or looking ready to play, but once again they overcome thanks in large part to Tanker arrogance after scoring the first two. They thought they were golden but Bobrovsky shut them down long enough to get our guns blazing their whining, crying, cheapshot asses into oblivion, and you could tell they didn't like it by the suck faces on their bench, led by Sister Cindy the Teflon Donna.

I can't believe I see nobody lamenting the delibrate cheap shot submarine by scrub Vitale on Grossmann knee on knee job. If Rinaldo did that to Orpik there would be an inquistion. Scrub Vitale, whose lack of abiltiy makes Wellwood look like Gretzky in comparison, would also be sent to take a run at Briere. Clean hit there, but intentonal suckface loser behaviour their camp has long cried about coming from Philly, but look what happens when the chips are down. Typical Tanker cheap shots all game long.

Crosby can slash Giroux's stick out right in plain view, crosscheck guys in the back, and basically do anything his fat lip wants, even with a great ref like McCauley, and he gets away with all. Typical. But when young Schenn dares to push down on the back of his head when Sister Cindy drops low to avoid a collison, the suckface is on and he goes wailing to the bench to tell Rat Bastard plainly on TV "Schenn". Well, the only way for a punk like Crysby to get even is the crosscheck from behind, and he gets it back and GOOD FOR SCHENN. All game there was cheapshot Tanker horseshit and it's about time somebody responded.

How about cheap shot artist Baby Huey? As has been noted, punches to the back of Giroux's head, an effete punch to the face of Couturier, who is in his head, or pushing Hartnell from behind at every chance. Always from behind. Always the cheap shot. Never a penalty. Well, he went boom boom in his pants when young Couturier challenged him. I haven't seen a guy skate backwards faster to get away since Glenn Anderson ran away from a fight one time. Coward.

Of course, when the Tankers get to call too many men on the ice penalties from their bench, or Orpik actually lifting his hand to call a penalty when he tucks Wellwood's stick under his arm, they get the impression they can do anything. They sent Asham after Schenn. There will no consequences to them. Vitale won't even be spoken about for his cheap shot knee on Grossmann.

It's alwys been this way, and this is what the Flyers will have to overcome to win in the playoffs, because you can bet your *** that the TV people and myNHL would prefer their Tankers to advance.

Watch out next game becausr they will look to cheap shot Giroux. It's a lock. Knee on knee. Elbow to the temple. A slash to the wrist. Don't believe for a second that Rat Bastard is reformed. It's just a matter of time before that back stabbing scumbag looks to end Giroux's career.

Now, all that aside, their defense is worse then ours as a group even if we had to dress Bourdon and Manning without playoff experience. Their support role players are inferior. They will rely on their three centers and acrobatic heroics from Fleury to win, and of course they will be handed plenty of power plays at key moments in the playoffs. Expect Cindy and Baby Huey scum to be diving all over the place.

Who was ever afraid of the Tankers? Not me. I have always snapped at that notion of being afraid of any team. The series is lost if they are.

Throw out the regular season records when the playoff starts. It is very sweet to beat them so much lately, but it wil be forgotten. I was disdainful of the home ice factor, but now I see that Couturier is capable of erasing Baby Huey and if Grossmann is healthy after the Vitale submarine cheap shot knee on knee he'll be with Coburn against them and that could be a key matchup for us.

4 points between Giroux and Simmonds. Good for the pool!

Whew...glad I got that all off my chest. I was pretty pissed off watching it. It's all too typical, but too bad Tankers...FLYERS WIN!

Posted on Apr 1, 2012, 11:59 PM
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  1. Yesterday's winner was the hockey fan. Outland, Apr 2, 2012
  2. Pens should be embarrased!. Icer, Apr 2, 2012
  3. You guys are so full of it!. Pitts, Apr 2, 2012
    1. Both ways??. WCF, Apr 2, 2012
      1. Cases in point!. faithfullyflyers, Apr 2, 2012
        1. it's all good. BwB, Apr 2, 2012
          1. It's gonna be a great series!. Pitts, Apr 2, 2012
            1. And you'd better believe the calls will be lopsided. PA, Apr 2, 2012
      2. You mean Matt Cooke with his 40 minor penalty minutes. Pitts, Apr 2, 2012
        1. We still hold you directly responsible for Kasparaitis.. PA, Apr 2, 2012
          1. Ha ha... Kaspar. Pitts, Apr 2, 2012
    2. i agree the problem is. Pelle31, Apr 2, 2012
    3. Pitts, don't join in the embarrassment. Icer, Apr 2, 2012
      1. Bylsma didn't send goons out. Pitts, Apr 2, 2012
        1. lol...looks like I forgot a space! "Vitale's hit" NM. Pitts, Apr 2, 2012
        2. LOL @ the typo. Icer, Apr 2, 2012
          1. I saw parts. Pitts, Apr 2, 2012
    4. It's not the Shenanigans Pitts, it's the WHINING. PA, Apr 2, 2012
      1. I just don't see it that way. Pitts, Apr 2, 2012
        1. Briere?. PA, Apr 2, 2012
          1. and the whining wouldn't even be bad IF. Icer, Apr 3, 2012
            1. I have no problem with little cheap shots. PA, Apr 3, 2012
              1. hsqhlz8g. AliceSom, Jan 12, 2017
        2. Seriously? Honestly?. CaliFlyer, Apr 3, 2012

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