He is not a very good captain.

by faithfullyflyers


He would be more honest to say "it was stupid but I was frustrated and I just wanted to get back at them for beating us so bad and I and my team don't know how to do it right now so we resorted to cheap shots".

"Sounds like the kind of statements my girlfriend's five year old niece says when she doesn't get her way...she likes to pout too."

When these playoffs started I said that the Pens were beatable because of two things, their defense was suspect and they had an attitude of entitlement. When things don't go their way they sulk and whine and complain and cheap shot players and that is exactly what has happened. The Crosby post game comments are a reflection of that sense of entitlement, he is lost and has no answers. His comment when questioned about swatting away Voraceks glove, "what was I suppose to do hand it to him" was a tell tale sign that Sid the Kid is lost. On second thought maybe he really is that stupid.


Posted on Apr 15, 2012, 11:57 PM
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  1. I disagree. Outland, Apr 16, 2012
    1. Agreed Outy. Raggs, Apr 16, 2012
    2. keeping up with being brutally honest..... dl, Apr 16, 2012
      1. honesty and dishonesty. Icer, Apr 16, 2012
        1. Childish stuff. Pitts, Apr 16, 2012
          1. It is the disrespect by the face of the league..... Freak, Apr 16, 2012
            1. I agree for the most part. Pitts, Apr 16, 2012
          2. it's more than that. Icer, Apr 16, 2012
        2. get real...... dl, Apr 16, 2012
          1. didn't say I wanted to hear it. Icer, Apr 16, 2012
            1. well if there was ever a doubt..... dl, Apr 16, 2012
              1. Stupid thing to say at 25. Freak, Apr 17, 2012
    3. "I thought what Crosby said was him being brutally honest".. faithfullyflyers, Apr 16, 2012
      1. He's a..... WCF, Apr 16, 2012
        1. Right on the money Windy! (nm). faithfullyflyers, Apr 16, 2012

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