I bet it will be that too...

by Sedsey


myNHL has no credibility. Their Tankers have been completely exposed for what some of us have known them to be for years. Now the voice all around the league are noticing, but still they will get their usual favortism. They'll throw the book at Asham because he is a less important player, but Neal will get a wrist slap.

They sanctioned the knee on knee submarine hits from the Tankers late in the season, and now they will sanction intent to injure the head with these rulings.

If Hartnell did the exact same thing to Crybaby Suckhole and Baby Huey, he'd get the playoffs and ten games.

Neal will get one to pay lip service to the big push to "clean up the game".

This is why I want the return of player policing. The cheap shot artists and divers rule in this environment and teams are reducing to wailing children running for their parents as they do nothing on the ice and call for suspensions.

The Tankers are exposed, from top to bottom. Their coach, with a rep for fair play...exposed. Their superstars exposed as whining, crying, diving, cheap shot artists who suckhole and moan when not given their way. Their owner a hypocrite who threatened to quit the leageu unless his team was protected, now silent.

They are everything I say they are. They are exposed. They cannot hide now. But, myNHL will still protect them...watch.

Posted on Apr 17, 2012, 11:46 AM
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  1. Neal is a repeat offender though.. faithfullyflyers, Apr 17, 2012
    1. No argument here. Sedsey, Apr 17, 2012
      1. nah, they're toast. BwB, Apr 17, 2012
        1. I think you are correct. Icer, Apr 17, 2012
          1. Nothing about beating the Tanker scum would bore me. Sedsey, Apr 17, 2012

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