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Is a bulging disc still considered soft tissue injury?

October 17 2005 at 9:06 PM
sickandtiredofsickandtired  (Login sickandtiredofsickandtired)

I saw an orthopedic surgeon who reviewed my mri scans and noted that I have a couple of non-surgical bulging discs. Is this considered still a soft tissue injury? He's recommending that I have an emg test because of the numbness and pain on the right side. He says that even if the test shows that there is nerve damage that it will take 12 to 18 months to heal and there's nothing that can be done medically about it. Does this also count as a soft tissue injury? My lawyer (the fine human being that he is) basically said that if you don't have surgery as a result of your mva that your settlement will be peanuts. What a crock!!!! How can anyone shrug off the pain that I (we) are in???? I have the physical pain, I'm an emotional depressed wreck, and my finances are completely screwed up. Stupid me but I think that someone should have to compensate me for that, after all I was driving along minding my own business. I was smashed (notice I didn't say hit) by a commercial vehicle so how dare they try to nickel and dime my tragedy. I don't know if they are or if it's my own lawyer doing it but I feel I'm getting smashed over and over again. I see a doctor about my depression on Wednesday so hopefully I can get some help for that as well as my insomnia. Sorry to unload but I know this is the only group of individuals who understands. I hope everyone is doing as well as they can.

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Re: Is a bulging disc still considered soft tissue injury?

October 17 2005, 10:26 PM 

When did you have the accident? Was there any prior accident? My understanding is software tissue injury is one of the leading cause of bulging disc. But be aware if bulging disc appears few days after the accident then insurance company posssibly can try to associate this to prior incidents. However, if it appears few months after the accident then it is hard to tell either if has caused by recent accident or prior one.

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Re: Is a bulging disc still considered soft tissue injury?

October 17 2005, 11:01 PM 

Sickandtired I had a bulging disc in the year 1994 ..
L5 S1 .

The surgeon at that time .. told me to take up a EXERCISE DAILY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE AND THAT 70 % of his patients go on to LEAD A FUNCTIONAL AND NORMAL LIFE with out SURGERY !

THE DOCTOR STRESSED THIS TOO ME ! That I must take up a daily exercise for life whether that be , golfing , gym , walking , swimming , sports .. I would have to do it faithfully every day ..

Sept 1994 - October 19, 2000 .. I had taken up walking and continued to walk miles and miles daily for SIX LONG YEARS


THere was nothing that I could not do.

October 20 , 2000 is the day all my walking had stopped.
I was hit by a car ..

My back pain and spinal problems I have today are beyond the daily pain dose for any sane person . !

I am not quite sure of all your injuries .. I wanted to tell you my experience ,, with my back problems back in 1994 ..( somewhat similar to yours now ) . inwhich a cat scan showed at that time . L5 S1 disc bulging .. inwhich the disc is burried into the nerve part of the back and spine in which is causing the pain ....

That doctors advise at that time was the best advise I ever heard and I did not have to have a spinal fusion .. because I had taken up an exercise and faithfully continued .. for SIX LONG YEARS ... and was able and functioning for many years .. with no pain .

Oh I wish I could have that day back .

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Re: Is a bulging disc still considered soft tissue injury?

October 18 2005, 12:25 AM 

Sickandtiredofsickandtired, I wish I could answer your question about soft tissue injuries, but I don’t understand soft tissue injuries either. Most people with bulging/herniated discs do heal with physical therapy and medications. At first, they thought my bulging/herniated discs would heal also. I was taught stretches to do the rest of my life to strengthen my muscles & ease my pain. My pain became worse, and they ran a ‘stronger’ MRI. (My first MRI was poor quality.) When the doctor saw the new MRI, he said ‘no wonder you’re hurting’. One of my discs was herniated on both sides.

Before the wreck, I never knew I had arthritis anywhere in my body. I never had ‘arthritis pain’, before my wreck. I could move my body any way I wanted to. I had no limitations of movement. (I’ve exercised for most of my life.) YEARS ago, when my children were little, I hurt my lower back. I went to a chiropractor for a few weeks, and my lower back was fine. I’ve never had anymore trouble out of it.

I’ve wanted to settle my lawsuit because of all of my bills. But, my lawyer and doctors keep telling me to wait. I know they are right. My doctors tell me I will need treatment and meds for my injuries for the rest of my life. (At first, they thought I’d be ‘well’ in a few weeks/months. Then, they changed their minds.) My lawyer is suing for future medical bills. IS YOUR LAWYER SUING FOR FUTURE MEDICAL EXPENSES?

I’m glad you’re going to a doctor for your depression. This pain is too much for us to handle alone. Before the wreck, I was a reserved person, who hardly ever cried. The wreck changed that.

As D says, calling all angels. I could not have survived my wreck without God & His angels. Hang in there. Please let us know about your EMG results, after you have the test ran.

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Re: Is a bulging disc still considered soft tissue injury?

October 18 2005, 4:37 AM 

I had my mva on 8/23/05. I NEVER EVER had any back problems prior to my accident. Prior to my mva I'd never had an mri. When my chiro got the results he said it looks good "no long term problems you should be 100% in 4 to 8 weeks). The pain wasn't letting up and I kept telling him so finally he sent me to the orthopedic surgeon who told me about the bulging disc in L5-S1 area. When I saw my chiro that same day he asked what the other guy said and then nodded like he knew it all along. I really wanted to smack him. The ortho said that the bulging isn't enough to warrant surgery. I'm grateful for that but I guess that means legally that company basically gets away with demolishing my life. I'm not looking to get rich but I do feel I'm OWED some major compensation for the trauma that I've been through and will continue going through. I can't sleep at night I have terrible nightmares about being in car accidents where I have no control. I've developed a horrible case of insomnia (my usual bedtime is now around 4 in the morning). I just can't re-engage in my life, either because of my physical pain or because of my emotional pain. Sometimes I can't tell which is worse. My lower back hurts all of the time, then I have the extra pain on the right side of my lower back and the numbness and/or tingling and shooting pains down my right butt cheek and back of my thigh. I've been doing the stretches he gave me but it hurts something fierce. I've been walking around the block and by the time I get home I have take pain pills to make the ache stop. I don't know if I'm expecting too much too soon but shouldn't I be feeling better by now? I've been off of work for two months and I have to go back next week. I'm dreading for all of the obvious reasons but I'm terrified that I'll be in so much pain that I'll be useless. I get so angry when I think of the idiot that hit me. I wonder has his life changed like mine has because of his carelessness?!! I'm probably rambling (it is 3:36 am) so I'll quit whining.

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Re: Is a bulging disc still considered soft tissue injury?

October 19 2005, 1:04 PM 

This sounds so much like what I have. They need to do more testing. They finally found that I had a pars defect (fracture) in my back, bulging disc and a pinched nerve. I had a lot of MRI's and a Speck Scan, CT name it I had it. My surgeon did the surgery and now says the tingling and numbness in the buttock area and down my thigh is most likely my Sacroiliac joint. I think I would get a second opinion. Of course they didn't find all of this for a year. I saw a lot of doctors and did a lot of therapy before the surgeon knew I had to have surgery.

Gentle hugs, Tammy

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