Tom Bleecker's Theory

by Mike Bruce Sullivan (no login)

Tom Bleecker who was once married to Linda Lee theorized that Bruce Lee died from anabolic steroid abuse.

If I had to have a backup or next best theory to Bruce's untimely death, I would choose anabolic steroids, also. But my first theory is allergic reaction to a strong form of hashish which Bruce ingested. Ingesting it made it worse since all of the chemicals went into his system and did not dissipate due to second hand smoke.

There is another reason why Bruce probably did not take a lot of steroids near the end of his life:

According to an interview with Dan Inosanto, I forgot from where I saw it, Dan said that towards the end, Bruce wasn't practicing martial arts at all. He was not bodybuilding as much since all he had to do was do martial arts choreography for his movies which is much less physically demanding. So, Bruce had no need to bulk up by using anabolic steroids.

In the legal field, judges say that they often hear both sides (the plaintiff and the defendant) and that the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

For that reason, since Tom Bleecker lived with Linda Lee he had to be privy to the revelation that Bruce indeed took anabolic steroids. I make an educated guess that Linda seemed like she might have been very protective of Bruce's reputation while married to Tom, so she would not go into detail or tell him everything. But, I believe he did not take a lot or for a prolonged period of time, not enough to cause a cerebral edema. So, there is a kernel of truth that Bruce probably took anabolic steroids. But I think in the late 1960's and early 70's, they were legal and there wasn't a stigma attached to using them. If he secretly took steroids, he probably would have taken the pill form (again an educated guess) since he would need someone to inject the steroids into him and he might have not liked needles like a lot of people don't. The pill form of steroids is much damaging to the liver.
Also, the kernel of truth to Tom's theory is why would a pleasant-looking, smiling Bruce Lee have reportedly anger outbursts on the movie set, or why would Bruce complain that he had problems with controlling his anger? Steroid use would have explained this "roid rage".

Bruce I read somewhere was jealous of Joe Lewis and how his thighs were more muscular and that's one of the reasons why he allegedly used steroids. Except for the opening Monk fight in ETD, we hardly see Bruce's leg musculature, yet reportedly he could kick people across a large room and the receipients of such fury felt as if it by a car.

I think if Bruce wanted to increase his bodyweight and increase his thighs and calves muscle mass, he should have drank much, much more milk and taken weight-gain protein shakes or other high caloric foods like nuts, peanut butter, etc. But, he reportedly did not eat well enough and that is a shame.


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