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NF Big Wood TR

September 24 2012 at 7:02 PM
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Geo  (Login George_R)

As we approached Ketchum on 9/1, we saw the Wagon Days detour signs ...but, our timing was good. Judging from density of the oncoming traffic, they had just finished the parade and opened up the floodgates. We made it through town with only stopping at one stop light and one orange-flagged pedestrian crossing. When we made the turn at the SNRA headquarters and transitioned to the dirt road, our timing was good there as well. There was a thick carpet of hail on the ground a few miles in. Wouldn't want to have been hiking in that. We packed into just under 8200' with only a few sections of drizzle and set up camp and had dinner. Now what? It was 9 o'clock, dark, cold, and camp fire restrictions were in effect (even though everything was soaked) we went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and thought I had overslept due to the brightness of the full moon. When we did get up at 7am (after 10 hours of sleep), we had overslept - but we would need that rest for the days adventure. ...and besides, it was too cold to get out of bed:
[linked image]

After breakfast and coffee, we headed over the ridge separating the NF Big Wood and the Ibex Ck drainage, crossing at the 10240' saddle and then contoured around and climbed to the saddle between S. Glassford and Glassford Peak proper - which was our objective. This was our 3rd trip to that saddle - we had been turned around twice on the same day last year here due to lightning. A few weeks prior to this trip, we had climbed Corruption on its SW scree face. I didn't think too highly of that route then, but it turns out it was good practice for Glassford. happy.gif
[linked image]

After summiting, we turned our eyes to "Culmination" Peak (Peak 11312). After several minutes of scanning Culmination's NE ridge and the journey that would be required to reach it from our high point, we headed back down. Once back at camp, we discussed our options for the following day and eventually decided to attempt Culmination from the 11180' ramp and follow the south ridge to the summit. That tower just north of the ramp had bothered me for a couple of years, and it ended up being the crux.
[linked image]
(Ramp & tower, far left - from our 2009 S. Glassford climb)

The ridge turned out to be a spicy class 4 route with a few climbing moves required to get over and downclimb off of that tower (with the view "down" from the bottom of the tower):
[linked image] [linked image]

After returning to camp, we packed up and packed out. Once we got back to the truck, we drove back to Ketchum, stopped off at the grocery store to re-load:
[linked image]
...and then headed east over Trail Ck



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