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Peak 10413 (H-B Wilderness)

September 17 2017 at 9:38 PM
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Team R&R  (Login Geo_R)

The point weather forecast at 9275' called for a high chance of snow with <1" accumulation and blowing winds up Crooked Canyon on Friday. Saturday conditions were supposed to clear up before another front came in tomorrow. We had to put the truck in 4x4 to keep it travelling straight through the greasy sections of the dirt road just a few miles below Bowery G.S. We had planned to stay at the Boulder White Clouds Trailhead Campground, but the whole drainage is overrun with open-season elk archery hunters. We lucked out on a spot we had used before at the end of the road up West Pass Creek:
[linked image]

We had yet another bull moose greet us at our trailhead yesterday morning:
(click on pic to zoom in on moose)

I'd estimate we had about 4" of snow at the same elevation as the point forecast had for <1":
[linked image]

We eventually worked our way to the ridge and the summit proper wearing only a single layer of clothing:
[linked image]

Weather conditions later in the day were mostly "bluebird", and I can't recall many views I've enjoyed more while having lunch:
(click pic to enlarge)

The last time we had viewed this peak, we were limping off the mountain after climbing Peak 10860. I pointed over at her and told John it was Peak 10413 ...and then I asked if he wanted to climb it (neither one of us could have at the time). He replied with a negative and then added, "it's not on our list." We later found another list that did include her: Hemingway-Boulders Wilderness Peak List, which we completed with this climb.

We heard last night the next weather front was moving in ahead of schedule, so we opted to spend this morning touring the local hot springs instead of climbing another peak. Don’t forget your towel if you're headed up the East Fk of Salmon River!
[linked image]

Just above the turnoff on road up W Pass Ck:
(click pic to zoom in on tubs)

Bowery Hotsprings:
[linked image]



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