March 13 2012 at 12:03 PM
Julie  (no login)

Among the many issues I have been dealing with, my Jim is acting bananas again. He did this in nursing home for about a 2 week period, then snapped out of it. For the last 2 weeks, he has been saying and doing off the wall things. Told Home Health Nurse last Wed. She advised taking him to E.R. for labs, blood gases. Of course, he went willingly, acted very docile and agreeable. I was so upset, I couldn't think of the right words to explain what was going on, so I told them change in mental status. WRONG. He knows who he is, the date, who's President. After over 5 hr.s they sent him home. My daughter had come up right before they discharged him, and followed us home. She got a pretty good idea of the craziness I have been dealing with over the next hour. But the best was yet to come. About 3 in the morning, he was clunking around in the dining area and woke me up. Knew I was up for awhile, so went on 'puter. He was listening to coast to coast radio program-they had a guest on who was discussing near death experiences. All of a sudden, he got INSISTANT that I listen to the guest speaker-it was TRACY!!!! (my ex-son-in-law) Kept telling him I didn't want to, and it was NOT Tracy, but a Dr. with 30 yrs. experience who studied NDE's. It got to the point where he was YELLING that I HAD to listen. So I did. Wasn't Tracy (surprise!)
He kept INSISTING it was. Wanted me to call Erica and tell her Tracy was on the radio. (like she would care, even if it WAS him!!!)
The next day, I asked him if he wanted some apple pie for dessert.
He said yes. I put the plate infront of him, and asked if he wanted whipped cream. He went Mmmmm! So I put whipped cream on it.
He just sat there looking at it for about 3 minutes, then said "Atrocious! All they food they give us here is atrocious!"
I asked him where we were, and he looked at me and said "you're smart enough to figure it out!" I went back to living room and watched him. He proceeded to eat the pie, get up and rinse his plate, sit back down and look at me and say "that was good". Friday he spent 3 hrs. writing on post-it notes. Asked what he was writing, and he showed me. Book titles, movie titles, all strung together, using last letter of one to connect it to the next, then a string of numbers. I asked what the numbers were, and he told me
someone who could decipher code would know what it means right away.
I have told him he is killing me with all this. His response? "You're already dead-you just don't know it".
This is just a SMALL PORTION of the craziness that is going on.
Am of the mindset now that he is experiencing delusions caused by episodes of hypoxia (not enough oxygen to the brain) because... he won't wear his oxygen. (and yes, I have begged, cried, screamed at him to put it on) He informed me the Dr.s are wrong, they have mis-diagnosed him-because he is not huffing and puffing and has no trouble breathing. OMG.


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