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April 28 2012 at 5:15 AM
Cliff  (no login)

Looks as though we gotta remove some more of "Ignorant Asse" posts again....

I hope everyone is basically doing the best they can, and as usual all of the Hearties are in my thoughts.I am still dealing with this darn "Left Knee" which I injured during a fall.

Having to wear a brace, and it being in a "Straight-out" extended position makes it difficult to be mobile, and sit here for any amount of time.

When I attempt to walk, kinda reminds me of that Jack Nicholson movie
"The Shining" with the way he "Drags" his leg...minus the axe of course!

All of this has put a damper on my intentions of doing some travelling this spring and summer. I have for the longest wanted so badly to travel up North, however for reasons "Beyond my control" each time my efforts have been thwarted.

It is my wish that not very long from now, I can indeed make the trip. I will have to wait and see..all I can do is try and get better and wish for the best.

I would like so very much to attend both of my niece,s weddings in Indiana this July. They are so special to me,and like all of my family mean the world to me. ( Minus a select few, who stay on my S--- list)

By the end of the summer, health permitting and if I,m still around, I would like to take a trip down South as well to Florida. Might even "Look up" them two Redneck Friends of mine, especially due to the fact they are close to my Aunt in St Augustine.

It gets depressing at times to have all this free time, and can,t take advantage of it. Having said that..One has to "Keep On ! Keeping On !
It is what it is....

Finally...If you would please. Keep my precious Grand-Daughter Makayla in your thoughts and prayers. She is experiencing epileptic seizures,and losing her eyesight in her Right Eye, secondary to the the Tumor she had removed.

It tears my heart out to see her having to go through all this, I wish so very much that I could take upon myself her problems. For she is so young and beautiful, and deserves a full life ahead of her.

It makes you always say to yourself...Why do our children have to cope with such? Well, I have rambled on long enough. Until next time, everyone please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

I will post more, and to others as I can sit here for a longer period of time.

"Keep On ! Keeping On !

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