Hi Brenda.....

April 28 2012 at 11:29 PM
Cliff  (no login)

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What a pleasant surprise ! It is always so good to hear from you.I sure hope
Kenneth can come to grips with his kidney ailments. Having said that..I can personally attest to how stubborn one can be.

Like our Marilu stated, knowledge is power and hopefully he can sit down with a Nephrologist and become more informed on his condition, and move on from there.For like you said, you are there if he needs you..yet it has to be his decision.

Also during this busy growing season, try to remember to pace yourself and not over-do things.For you definitely have had alot on your plate.

As for my knee is concerned, this all came about when my legs simply gave out on me,due to my PVD,and lack of bloodflow.they keep a close watch on my vascular pressures,but here lately the Physical Therapy seems to be doing more harm than good.

This past Tuesday my Doctors determined to suspend further treatment, due to
how aggressive each session seemed to be.I have a "High Thresh-hold" in regards to pain. And all throughout my disease rarely have accepted Scripts for Percocets, Vicodin, etc. However, I have to admit that since this knee injury, I have been forced to take them as needed.

As for making my trip up North, it has been (4) years or more since I have been able to make it to Maryland and visit my Grace. However, I have always made certain Pheobe and her can be here on special occasions, yearly visits or more often when they can be, irregardless.

My kids and Grand-children are part of what "Keeps me Keeping On !

I hope Rita can get relief in regards to her thyroids,she could very well have a "Goiter"? Thank you for the shout out, and kind thoughts.

Until next time,

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