good to see the board is back!!!!!

June 26 2012 at 1:15 AM
Julie  (no login)


NOT looking forward to tomorrow-supposed to be 108-have to go to store so will try to go before it gets that hot. Kind of ticked off apt. pool is closed-apparently the people they hired last year to paint it did a crappy job and paint is peeling up off the bottom so they had to close it after being open for 1 week.

Baby Ally is now 20lb.s and 29 and 1/2 inches wearing 9-12 month size clothes
at 4 months. She started rolling from back to tummy 2 weeks ago-but can't yet go the other way. When she finds herself stuck on her tummy, she screams herself silly-hates being on her belly. Whew! She has a temper!

Jim is doing okay. Visiting nurse comes once a week, and we now have the only visiting nurse practioner in Waco coming once a month. Did I mention how much Jim doesn't like Doctors? (or medicine, or O2)

Erica and her James are planning to go to Calif. again this summer to visit James' Gr.mother so she can meet Ally, with a big finish in Ariz. to meet his birth Father and half sisters and their families he's never met. Luke has no interest in going (again) so I will go out and stay with him with day visits home to ck. on Jim. He can't WAIT to be on his own. (He's practically pushing me out the door) I'm just worried he'll fall or try and slice tomatoes or onions and cut himself. (he hasn't yet, but I am a worrier)

Other than heat and my normal fatigue am doing okay. Am trying to go to store alot less, but Jim will ask for something particular and I feel guilty if I don't go get it. He finally is beginning to see how exhausting it is for me
and giving me a list when I tell him I'm going the next day. TG! For months I was going out almost every day. (not just for him-I would forget something and have to go back and get it-I know-I make a list, but can't tell you how many times have forgotten the dang thing!)

Hope everyone is keeping cool and well,



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