have been busy lately....

November 13 2014 at 11:59 AM
julie  (no login)

was back in hospital beginning of Oct.-too much fluid again. My Cardio convinced me to go to CHF clinic. It is in the hospital. I go in, they do labs, xrays, and
if I need meds, have them done there while I sit in a recliner. Keeps me out of the hospital. Lately have been getting aminophylline ( helps lungs) and Bumix for diuretic. They also changed my diuretic I take at home to torsimide and d.c.'d my Lasix.

Oh- my genetic testing said Plavix wouldn't work for me, so am taking Effient.
Am currently getting it sneaked to me at Cardios'. Don't think the other docs know I am getting all their samples! (would cost me over $300.00 a

am currently on 02 at 2L. is awful when I have to go anywhere. Have to use a small 02 bottle that weighs a ton and switch to wall outlet at docs' and CHF clinic. atleast I can breathe tho! I have an 02 condenser here at home, which is nice.

I am having a real problem with fluid, in my legs and lungs, hence the 02.

okay-am done complaining!!!

got to watch my grand daughter this morning again. the things she says just crack me up. don't now where she learns them, but is a hoot. she is a little over 2 and a half, and reads already. this morning she looked at Jim with her finger on her cheek, and said "I have an idea" I asked her what it was, and she looked at me and said " I don't know, do you have an idea?" the other day at the CHF clinic, she informed all the nurses she was going to be a doctor.
when they set out all the stuff to start my i.v. and draw my blood-she looked at it and asked "are you going to get Grammys' blood?" She proceded to watch with interest as my heplock was started. she's watched me test my blood sugar, and take my insulin, but has never seen this,
and knew what it was. have to brag on her. despite all this, she can be a typical 2yr. old. when she was here monday she opened and dumped my salt shaker on the table, and went and bit into 3 apples I had in a dish on the counter, and scribbled on a brown vinyl covered stool with white crayon.
going to glue her to my hip next time. think she was good today because Jim was in the kitchen, so she couldn't get into anything in there, and I was in livingroom, so that was out too.

hope everyone is doing okay.



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