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December 27 2015 at 9:32 AM
sasona  (Login sasona)


my name is Sasa, i come from Slovenia and I really need a help. I'm 35 years old and in a good shape. 4 years ago i experienced first attack and after many medical examination my doctor gave me diagnosis – panic attack. The only thing that was discovered, was after i used 24- hour ekg holter – paroxysmal tachycardia/ extrasystoles, and doctors said it's not dangerous. These attacks continue for about 6 months and then stoped. When i was feeling sick, i helped myself with 0, 25 mg Helex tablets ( another version of Xanax), that my doctor prescribed me. 4 weeks ago I had an attack. It happened when i was sitting and watching tv and it came out of nothing. I wasn't able to breath for a few seconds and i felt very dizzy, and sick in my stomach. I didn't panic beacause i thought it was a panic attack again. After 2 hours the same feeling of dizziness came back. The firs time i checked my puls on my wrist. Puls was very slow and weak and then stopped for about 5-6 seconds, then came back, again very weak and slow. I didn't blackout, but was very near that. After that i had a panic attack, my partner immediately drove me to the emergency room. They checked blood pressure and EKG. Everithing was fine so they sent me home and said that i maybe just didn't felt the puls. I really wanted to believe them. After 2 days same thing happend, again no puls for 5-6- seconds, emergency room…same story, nothing was wrong with EKG. In last 4 week i had 7 or 8 attacks and i'm 100% sure puls was not there. My doctor sent me to cardiologist and when he was massaging cartoid sinus on the right side, sinus rhythm changed from 117 to 89/ min, with changes on P-wave, which was, before tha massage, tall and pointy. Otherwise my heart looks healthy on rentgen, my blood is fine, everithing is ok.
He sent me to electro cardiologist, but in my country we only have two electrocardiologists, so i have to wait 200 days to get to him.
I'm really scared, nobody knows what is happening to me, my doctor said that if didn't die till now, i wont die in the next 200 days.
I checked and read about my simptomes on internet, and i think what is happening to me, are sinus pauses/ sinus arrest.
What should i do? Can you please tell me how dangerous is this…
I'm so scared, can't sleep, can't live…i have a feeling i'm not taken seriously and the fear is killing me.
p.s. Is it ok if i take Helex (Xanax) after attacks, when i'm in panic, or is this dangerous to slow my heart rate and stop it again?

Please, please help me,
bye, sasa

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