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July 8 2016 at 9:39 PM
Cliff  (no login)


FWIW...My Doctor's are confident they got all the 'Cancerous Cells' with-in my Pancreas. And cut/and widened my canal leading from my Gall Bladder to my Pancreas, which I can already feel relief from the 'Constant Bloating'.

Removed the majority of my Scar tissue with-in my Pancreas or (All they could). After going in, they noticed I had 85% blockage/of my Bile Duct Canal, which contributed to all my 'Epi-Gastric' backflow causing my persistent 'Gerd'/Heart-Burn and irregularity.

Other than feeling like I have had my (Insides turned inside-out) I guess I will still be around for a while longer being the 'PITA' I am.... Thank you all for your kind words/prayers/emails. I will be forever grateful.

All the very Best,
Ole' Cliff

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