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October 15 2016 at 3:12 AM
Julie  (no login)


Well, have had one for over 2yrs. now. (pacemaker and defib) My daughter saw an article on my brand
and sent me the link. Apparently,the battery has a tendency to drain inexplicalably before the 7 to 10 yrs. it should. I put my info in on their website, and yep, mine is listed. Says I should get a home monitor-which I have had from day one, and be alert for a "vibration" that would indicate a low battery. They do not recommend changing devices out of the blue, but if necessary will replace the device cost free. My device has never gone off. Needless to say, I am not a happy camper. I am going in for my regular device check next week. Has anyone ever gotten a "low battery" sign?

Am still going to CHF Clinic-every 2 weeks now since last Dec.-was every week. I get 4hr. long infusions of Primacor i.v. Last month I had a few short runs of ventrical fib-lasted a really short time, but they increased my Coreg from 12mg. a day to 24mg. Makes me even MORE tired, but no more vent fib so far. It scared me because I didn't FEEL it. Ekg picked it up-have it on during infusion.
It is a struggle getting around what with my diabetic neuropathy and P.A.D. I usually use a walker, or a cane for short trips when I know I can sit. My husband and I are a sight when we go out-he uses a walker, too. Going anywhere is a pain in the ***. We are 20 miles frome Waco, so it is a 40 mile round trip in and back. Our town is very small-about 1200. One little store (6 aisles) a Subway, a General Dollar, and Burger & Wok. For real. That last one is just what it sounds like!

Gosh I miss this place, and all the people I met here. You all helped keep me sane in the beginning.
I never expected to still be here 13 years later.

Hugs to All,


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