'Every Penny is a Prisoner'!

by James McKay

Hi Scott, Fellow Clansfolk,
A great article Scott!
The 'bottom' line though, to all our Friends on this Forum - is - dinny part wi' a 'bawbee' of your precious, hard earned 'shillings'!! The main objective of all this 'guff' is to earn someone ELSE money!
Romance about the 'auld country' should be restricted to what many of the 'guid fowk' are already doing on the Mackay Forum, namely, try to trace your roots (if possible), come back and visit us, maintain a fond interest from 'whence' you came, be PROUD of your Scots Heritage (we're not ALL that bad!) Some of the Greatest Inventions came from these Fair Isles - and also, (apart from our Irish Cousins) some of the greatest BLARNEY!!
If you want to be ROMANTIC give your Romance to your Families, your Friends and the United States of America. Keep your 'sponduliks' in your SPORRAN!!!
Kindest Regards, Jim

Posted on Dec 13, 2009, 3:14 PM
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