'Castles in the Air'

by James McKay

Hi Scott,
I tried to identify the Castle by clicking on to 'Scottish Castles Photo Library' and there are a few 'likely' candidates! It would all depend on the angle the picture was 'shot' at. Of course the originator of the 'Banner' photo could maybe let us know.....Perhaps the lovely Michelle or some other clever person!
The link that I gave you above, gives you the Castles in alphabetical order, some are derelict, some are still in full working order, in public or private use, and each with it's own 'pen-picture' and background.
I don't know if your 'Campbell' reference was a 'throwaway' line or not but the Campbells stronghold was mainly over in Argyll (Invarary Castle). Here's a wee quick story for you to illustrate how the 'Hoi-Poloi' HAVE, and KEEP their money;
Some years ago I was sent up from my base in Stirling to assist with the Comms for Her Grace the Duchess of Argylls' Horse Trials (a Gymkhana over fences etc) this is usually held on the 1st weekend in June. I arrived at the Castle Reception and after establishing my 'boana fides' His Grace the Duke asked me and my 2 'Technos' if we wanted to 'See round the HOUSE'? We said we would'nt mind and His Grace told us to go through a certain entrance - where there was a wee CASHIER waiting to TAKE OUR MONEY!!! Bearing in mind these people were getting our services, time and equipment for FREE! Would YOU have given them any money?? NO WAY PEDRO!!
Now you know how the 'Idle Rich' have got money - and WE HAVEN'T!!
Regards, Jim

Posted on Dec 22, 2009, 3:01 PM
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