Ulster Scot-finding your roots

by Earl McGee


For those folks who have Ulster Scot roots, this is an invaluable site as it has a number of old census lists and other older documents listing families living in the area way back when. I've learned much about my own family line there. If you're like me and know you're Ulster Scot, know where in N. Ireland you were from but do not know where in Scotland you're from, you're left to make logical deductions. Have learned through much on-line snooping through old (19th century) and contemporary documents that the northern Antrim coastal route was Randall McDonnell country and that the lowland Protestant Scots he brought in came from 2 areas: Wigtownshire and Kintyre with the latter comprised of lowland families brought to Kintyre from the shires of Dumbarton, Renfrew and Ayr who had lived in Kintyre only 7 years and forced to leave due to warfare. They had been "planted" in Kintyre before that conflict erupted. So, if you're reasonably sure your family had been Protestant and lived in the northern Antrim area, it narrows down their likely origin to these 4 areas in all likelihood. Earl

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  1. quite interesting......... Bob Thompson, Jun 11, 2015, 8:49 AM

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