by Michelle Sandelier

Hi Melisa! Welcome to Clan Mackay USA! If you are not a member of the Clan Mackay Society USA I hope you will consider joining us! Membership information is contained in the index of this site's home page. You will also find information about our Mackay Genealogy Project. This project is fueled by the information our members submit about their family trees and in many cases, links are made for common ancestors which will help push another member's line back further than might have been possible without the common ancestor being found. Our clan historian has made some remarkable links for many members!

If you know any thing at all about your ancestors, like what kind of work they did, what church they belonged to (or even what faith they practiced) you can start digging! Look up church records from where they lived and professional "Guilds" (stone mason, carpenter, teacher...) Records; their memberships have long been overlooked as sources for genealogy buffs. Also be sure to check with the court records for the area they lived. Any legal dealings would be recorded, disputes, business dealings, even the occasional skeletons in the closet will be helpful as they ,ay reference additional information about the generation before them. Draft records back before the civil war are also helpful. They would be held by the county in which your ancestor lived. If you send pertinent information about your ancestor to the National Archives they can guide you and help find the actual draft card! When I got my grandfather's it was a color copy of the record and contained information about, eye, hair and complexion color, prominent scars or marks as well as stature (lean, stocky...) and relations.

Hope this will help you and I hope too that you will consider joining us! Besides Genealogy, we also have a Mackay DNA Project, Scholar ship opportunities if you or a family member is persuing Celtic arts like piping, dancing and drumming. We have commissioners in just about every region of the states and try to have a Mackay tent at the various Highland Games too(check the games listings for your area).

Good luck! Stay in touch and let us know how you fare!


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