My Morgans

by Deanna Johnston Clark

I'm the great granddaughter of a Scot's younger son named Daniel Morgan. He came to America in 1859 at 19, first to New York, then to the deep South, where he hoped to participate in rebuilding railroad bridges and buildings after the Civil War. His trade was stone masonry.

He found work in Alabama and married Liza Burney. They had 6 surviving children.
They moved to Dallas Texas where he raised a large family and became a contractor with 40 men working for him. He built many landmark bridges, hotels, and churches...including Old Red Courthouse, now a museum in the center of downtown Dallas.

My grandmother was Charlotte Isabel Morgan. She spent her long life caring for family and grandchildren, even great grandchildren. She had a self deprecating sense of humor and lived simply. I'm very much like her and have done the same. It was told me, "The Morgans always loved babies"

I learned from online research that Dan's family in Fife had another son, James, who took his own family back to Dornoch. He became a tinker and was listed in the census of 1871. Naturally this fascinates me. His baby, Andrew, was listed as "the tinkers son" and the two went round together. Andrew was found in Glasgow in 1901 as a Lamplighter, which made me happy. I know the Lamplighters were responsible, sober people who served as the adult on the spot looking after the neighborhood.
His sister, Jeannie, was there raising 2 boys with no husband and making candles. I can just imagine how hard her life was at that time.

"Nannie" married a Johnston and was rather lonely with all the squabbling and moneymaking of her children!! But they were creative, lively people as well.

If you took time to read this, a big Texas "Howdy" and thanks. Old Red is very much online as a Dallas landmark.

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