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by Michelle Sandelier

Hi! Mcie is listed in our clan rolls as a "Sept" or dependent family of Clan Mackay, granted protection and a place to live and work in exchange for their support in the event of inter-clan warfare. (as opposed to a clansman who is blood related to the chief) so, you are correct.

Family Tree DNA for Mackay also lists McIe as a genetic link, so Science sees McIe aas part of the Mackay Clan!

For the purposes of this Clan Mackay Society, you would be an eligible family for membership. Welcome to Clan Mackay USA! Check out the pages listed on our home page to find out more about membership if you have not already done so. We have a pretty active association! See where you might find a niche and a new "family" association!

Your name seems to appear in the rolls within the Court of The Lord Lyon, keeper of all records of heraldry, tartan, clan association and peerage. Your family name is identified under a couple of different catagories here..


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