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you can easily fly a plane without rudder pedals

October 6 2011 at 5:56 PM
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I don't understand. In the air, you steer a plane with the ailerons on the wings (using the yoke); not the pedals/rudder. You use the rudders to align the longitudinal axis of the plane with the runway before landing. So in the air, you could steer and fly around easily with no pedals/rudder. You wouldn't be able to be coordinated, so stalls could lead to spins, but in normal flight it's not a big deal.

So what are you claiming broke there? Seriously... "the rudders, and you couldn't steer"; and that wasn't a lie? It sure was! Can we see video of what the guy was doing with the yoke the whole time? If the yoke/ailerons broke, I can see needing to steer with the doors. I don't understand the claim that you can't steer without rudders. Go try the "exploration flight lesson" at your local FBO and get back to me. Are you claiming that you couldn't land straight down the runway without rudders? I believe that; but the TV show didn't make it seem that way.

During my training I got "corrected" often for forgetting to use the rudder pedals at all. You need them to stay coordinated, to land pointing straight down the runway if there's a crosswind (otherwise they are just purely decorations), and to taxi. If there is no wind whatsoever, then those rudders are not used when landing until you're on the ground.


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