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Meeting Teller!

December 11 2011 at 12:18 PM

  (Login TellerLover)

Here is the story: I was making my way toward the London underground tube station to get a tube to the O2 where I would be seeing Penn & Teller perform later that night. I got on the tube and sat down, beside me was a empty seat. There was only 3 of us in the cart, Me, my brother and his girlfriend. The tube stopped about 3 times at different stops until it stopped at Canary Wharf. A man got on, wearing a black leather coat, black earmuffs, a brown scarf and jeans. He took the seat next to me and pulled out the Metro and began flicking through the pages. I was totally clueless that the man sitting next to me was in fact Teller! Until I heard him mutter something under his breath about the tubes reminding him off a ride in Disneyland? I instantly knew from the moment he spoke that it was Teller! I could recognize his voice from anywhere. I spun around to find that I was face to face with him. My heart began racing, my mouth was dry and I was speechless! I couldnt stop staring at him and I felt cheeky, because he was unaware I knew who he was. I tapped him on his shoulder after about 5 minutes of panicking and asked him to sign my Penn and Tellers how to play with your food book. He looked surprised and said Oh my goodness, you are very resourceful! I handed him my sharpie and he signed his name on my book. He then handed me back my book and sharpie and said Well I guess were heading toward the same destination then huh? I said yes! The 02 to watch you. He then smiled and handed me a card advertising a play which he is in called Night of the little dead. A few seconds passed with a awkward silence until I caught his attention again and asked can I get a photo with him. He replied Yes of course! So I handed my phone to my brother and he took a few photos of us together, The first photos didnt turn out good so Teller said We can do it outside, I think this is our stop anyway I stood up to get off but it turned out we still had two more stops to go. Teller then said, this will save you lots of time after the show for a picture, we sometimes stay up to 1hr 15mins its crazy! I laughed and Teller then took out his iPhone and said to me, lets get one together for me. He handed his phone to my brother who took a photo of us two, Teller looked at the photo and said Wow, thats a nice photo huh? The tube then stopped at our station and Teller got off first, I lost my ticket and began frantically searching for it inside my bag, Teller waited a few minutes for us to get off the tube so he could walk up to the theatre with us but we took too long so he had to go. But before he went he called, Gotta go guys, It was such a pleasure meeting you, hope you enjoy the show! I then watch him make his way up the escalator toward the theatre. I then thought, wait I JUST MET TELLER!! happy.gif (His voice is amazing!) Later that night he tweeted on Twitter, Riding the tube to the 02, this lovely young fan wanted a pic. So did I. He posted the photo of me and him off his iPhone onto his Twitter account!!! I was shocked!! I am so lucky. A day I will never forget.

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(Login MerlinsAssistant)

Lucky you! ;)

December 14 2011, 5:10 PM 

That's awesome. happy.gif

Meeting celebs is always neat, but meeting Penn & Teller..infinitely better than that! wink.gif

I got to meet them 3 times! February 9th, 2009 in Vegas ~ June 11th, 2010 in Vancouver (the day before my birthday) and November 4th, 2010 in Toronto!

Every show is always impressive and so much fun! Being able to meet them is so wonderful. happy.gif

After their show in June, my sister told Teller "Tomorrow's her birthday!" So on a printout I made from the Vegas pics, Teller drew a cake with a candle, wrote GAIL, and 2010 and drew arrows and signed it. "This is me, and this is you" He drew an arrow to both of us.

The coolest part is when he sang to me - in my ear in a sing song voice.."Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Thank you, Gail."

I so could have melted in Teller's arms!! I should have given him a thank you smooch!! wink.gif

I wish Penn & Teller would come to Thunder Bay! I know a lot of people here would love to see them who aren't able to go to Vegas.

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(Login Jamie_Walton)

Re: Meeting Teller!

December 15 2011, 6:07 AM 

Cool story. I think I might have seen you actually. I recognise the Batman t-shirt You went to the Stephen Fry show right? Sat on the front row of the King's Row? stage right on their right?

I had a weird experience when they played the Apollo last year. I bumped into Teller 3 times around London. Once at Green Park station, me and my friend had just arrived and were on the way to our hotel and I said to my mate "We're in London, we're bound to see someone famous, whoever spots the first famous person wins a quid" As soon as I said it I looked around and saw Teller walking along the platform. At that point I just waved at him and he waved back. (My mate didn't give me the quid because he thought I had spotted him first).

Then the next day I was sat in a Starbucks window in Hammersmith and my friend said "Hey, isn't that Teller?. He was outside the Starbucks looking around so I left my drink and rushed out to say "Hello" and tell him I was going to tomorrow tonight's performance. He said "Nice to meet you, do you know where the theatre is?" I said "Yeah, I'll show you" and I walked him down to the theatre. I asked if Penn was already there he said "I don't know, I was just told to get there for 6:30"

The next night I went to the show and afterwards during the autograph signing he spotted me and said "Oh hey, it's you again" That was a crazy moment.

I went to two of the shows so the next day I was walking around Bond Street in a Richard Dawkins t-shirt and he was walking the other way towards me and I think he spotted the t-shirt first and was about to say something but then realised it's the same guy he's seen for the past 3 days. He said Hello again complimented me on the t-shirt. I told him I was going to the show again tonight and he said thank you.



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