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I need advice here

December 31 2011 at 9:48 PM
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How do you handle who is always shoving god into every conversation? Like, god bless you..god will bless u...I mean, it's more complicating then it sounds..She even invited me to church, and I politely said no, thanks..anyway, how do I go about telling her I don't care much for religion without being disrespectful?

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Just come clean

February 28 2012, 6:35 PM 

Tell her you're an atheist. There is nothing disrespectful about being honest about your beliefs. She'll probably drop the act out of embarassment. Of course, if you're not an atheist and are just annoyed by her bullshit, then you're screwed. If you're just not as religious as she is, you can't tell her you're sick of her holy roller act without sounding like a dick.

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Deal with this a lot...

August 5 2012, 9:22 PM 

I've worked and lived with some very highly religious people in the past and have had the same situation many times. I found sometimes you just need to be straight with them. "Listen, I am very appreciative of the invite, but I have no interest." For most people that is enough. If not or they inquire why then mention that you are an atheist. It's a polite line of "this is what I believe, I'm happy here, bugger off." Sometimes this has sparked an interesting debate and I do love that opportunity.
Only once did I have this turn into a major issue where now the person was convinced they needed to save me. Unfortunately for him this was at work and I brought the supervisor down on his head fast to squash it. I mean the guy was all but reading the bible at me all day. If you have a good supervisor they will make it clear that this is inappropriate at the workplace. AND IT IS.
If it is someone who you have to interact with daily, it might be time for a heart to heart. They may be on auto pilot and not realize they are making you uncomfortable. First bet is always to try and honest heart to heart talk. If that doesn't work you can always start cutting them out of your life or involve other people.

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