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Parental Spankings

February 15 2002 at 8:54 PM
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I was brought up a few years ago when spanking by parents was just treated as part of normal life, in fact myself and sister were spanked into our late teens. Our family was were by no means unique in this respect. Spankings were usual given for telling lies, staying out late, not keeping our rooms tidy etc.
For more trivial offences my mother usual adminster these spankings, a few good smacks across the back of the legs and the bottom either with hand or wooden spoon, enough for the culprit to change the error of their ways.
If my mother decided the offence warranted more severe discipline, my father was informed which meant a mor sever spanking. The procedure was usually the same after being sent to my room to contemplate my behaviour, my father would enter my room carrying a large leather slipper and procede to lecture me endlessly on the error of my ways. I would then be ordered to stand and remove my skirt, he would then place himself on the end of the bed and pulls me acoss his knee. He would then proceed to slipper my bottom, the pain inflicted made it impossible not to cry, but this only seemed to spur him on, he would stop momentarily to lower my knickers, and then would give me a thunderous bare bottom slippering, by this time I was literally bawling my eyes out, pleading with him to stop. When a last he stops it was an early bedtime and stiff reminder of my future conduct.

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Re: Parental Spankings

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February 15 2002, 11:48 PM 

Susan, my upbringing was similar to your, mother would always punish me for more trivial offences, but my father was always involved if the crime commited was classed as serious, Why was this? Could my mother not bring herself to deal a more severe punishment. Has anyone else noticed this of their upbringing where father always punished for the serious mis-doings?
My father took punishments to task, which resulted in a tearful and very sore daughter, the implement used was the slipper across a bare bottom, the pain inflicted was an intense sting on impact, and then a deep throb, I usually got between 15-30 whacks depending on my fathers mood and the seriousness of my offence. My humilition and punishment was complete when I had to stand and thank my mother and father for taking time to punish me. Did anyone else have rituals like this? How were you punished?

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Painfull memories

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February 20 2002, 2:49 PM 

I grew up in a family of 5 children. up to the age of 16 I was always spanked for many reasons. My sisters were also treated the same way. It was always over the knee and sometimes pants down for serious offences. My cousins were subjected to this. This was a normal state of affairs. My dad had a strap called a Sam Brown and it hurt a great deal. I spent many a night sleeping on my stomach. What have you experienced ?

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Re: Painfull memories

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February 20 2002, 6:23 PM 

My parents seemingly didn't believe in corporal punishment, that is until I was about 10. I'd never been spanked, slippered or caned although I had seen the cane at Primary school.

When I was about 10 a cane appeared at home and, from then on, it was a regular visitor to my bottom, always clothed. The cane was kept hanging on the back of the kitchen door.

At school I was caned a couple of times in the 2nd year and I got it again several times in the 3rd year. In the 4th year the school informed my parents after I'd been caned and my father gave me another (much harder) six strokes when I got home.

I didn't think that it was unusual to be caned at home - several of my friends parents kept a cane. One girl I knew, who parents were Polish, was beaten by her mother with a washing line!!! Compared to that the cane seemed tame!

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Re: Parental Spankings

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February 18 2002, 12:03 AM 

Myself and my sister were mainly spanked by my father, upto the age of round 21, this seemed very old to have to be punished, What experiences have do other have of the age they last received a spanking. My father would use a slipper, thick leather belt or in extreme cases the cane always on the bare.

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Worst Punishment

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February 21 2002, 11:01 PM 

My worst spanking was probably one of my last at the age of around 17, I was at the rebellios age and managed to get into the wrong croud, my downfall being when I was caught shop-lifting from a local store, luckily or unluckily the manager knew my father so the police were not informed. Of course my Mother and
Father were immensely ashamed, and angry. My father gave me a severe lecture and told me to go and get changed into my pyjamas and wait in my bedroom, I was dreading the thought of what was going to happen, the waiting made it even worse. My Mother and Father both entered my room and to my shock my father had the strap which is about 18 inches long, he did not
waste anytime he ordered me over the end of the bed and abrubtly pulled my pyjama bottoms down exposing my bare bum. The strapping he gave I cannot describe the pain, he must have given me at least 18 strokes good and hard, my bottom was throbbing and a mass of welts. When the last lash had been administered he said'Let this be a lesson to you never to bring shame on this
family again'.
The punishment was over I slept on my tummy that evening, well punished and for my troubles was also grounded for a month.

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my worst punishment

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February 22 2002, 12:32 AM 

I received my maybe worst punishment after also being caught shoplifting when I was 15. my father was working away from during the weekdays so it was my mother who got the matter in her hand. she said you cant expect anything else than a severe punishment and told me to go to my room and prepare myself which always meant taking down my jeans to my knees and wait sometimes for some time but this time I heard my mother coming up the stairs in a hurry with the usual cane in her hand. ordering me to stand up and bend over and touch my toes I felt her hands pulling down my underwear as well, with the remark that this is has to on the bare and hard. the first blow was so hard that I lost balance with my jeans around my ancles and fell to the floor which resulted only in having to take of everything from waist and down and spreading my legs apart for more balance. I think I got what I deserved and then maybee ten more cuts before I was left in my room. but I felt it was welldeserved.

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re - my worst punishment

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March 8 2002, 3:16 PM 

I also received my worst punishment when my father was away from home on business. It was the one and only hiding that I ever got from my stepmother but it was memorable.
I was 14 at the time and to while away some time I thought it would be a lark to let the air out of the tyres of our next door neighbour's car which was parked in his driveway.
I done the back tyres and was just starting on the front when he looked out of his window and caught me in the act.
He marched me to our front door, rang the bell, and when my stepmother answered, he informed her of what I'd been up to.
She told me to go up to my room which I did, and I could hear them talking downstairs and then the sound of the front door closing.
A few minutes later I heard my stepmother coming upstairs. When she came into my room I was horrified to see that she had the belt in her hand.
She told me to drop my jeans and pants and lie face down across the bed. The leathering that followed was the most painful I'd ever experienced. She didn't stop until she'd laid 12 to 15 strokes of the belt across my bare backside.
I certainly slept on my stomach that night.

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Re: Re: Parental Spankings

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March 8 2002, 6:35 AM 

We got the cane at home as well , usually from Mother. Father had a long thick leather belt which he usually wore and, when necessary, and, after a warning, it rarely was, he would administer a thrashing with that. He always did it across underpants or knickers, never bare, whilst we bent almost double across a sort of clothes horse type thing they had.

Mother's canings were hard and frequent and often without warning. She always caned again across underpants or knickers. We bent over the back of a chair. When she hit us it was usually 'six of the best' - Father would give us at least six but usually a good deal more.

The cane has long since disappeared but I still have Father's belt. It's 3" wide and made of really thick leather. Interestingly we still have the clothes horse type thing as well - it's an antique!!!

I can remember other boys saying their parents had a cane or used the belt on them. Remember it was not unusual to see a man wearing a really thick leather belt in those days. One boy I was at school with used to tell us that his father used a horse-whip on him - and I saw some marks once in the showers and it wouldn't surprise me. In those days it was not unusual to see a boy in the showers who was marked - either because of a caning they had in school or because of one received at home.

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parental spankings.

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March 9 2002, 1:44 AM 

My grandmother gave me my first spanking, for taking a biscuit without permission. I was six and she had raised me since I was 4.
I remember her taking me over to one of her dining chairs and sitting down. She scolded me for rudeness and put me over her knee. I remember crying and saying I was sorry.
She lifted my dress and began to spank me over my knichers. My bottom was crimson when she finished and afterwards I had to stand in one of the corners of her loungeroom.
I was sent to my room when she had afternoon tea with some of her friends. I heard them talking about spanking when Nanna told them why I wasn't present with them as I usually was.

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phsychotraumatic punishment

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March 12 2002, 5:36 PM 

it was strange to rad how many people here "liked" their spankings during childhood.

I grew up without my father, my mother had to raise me alone an without any help.
She punished me with something like a little cane or somewhat, on the bare bottom. This was between the age 5 to 10, about 5 times or more.
The last time I remember she punished me I was already 13, she even pulled my underpants down. People asked me, why I didnĀ“t simply defend myself.

Today I am phsycolly and sexually traumatic because of this perverted treatment, have a unnormal attitude against women, unable to have a normal ralationship. (I am 39 years and never had somthing like a girlfreind).
So, you see, not everyone is enjoying the remindings of punishment from his childhood.
Honestly, I have to say that my mother was good to me in her way.
She died in a car crash when I was 16.


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