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Kursk Panther D (escape from the shelf of shame...)

September 25 2011 at 10:14 PM
Darren Gawle  (Login dgawle)
Missing-Lynx members
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I took an old DML Panther D off the shelf of shame the other day to have my annual look, and one thing led to another...

[linked image]

I'm going to stick with some of the work and aftermarket I originally used, but the weld beads I'd originally re-done needed to go. The barrel is Elefant; not the greatest but I kind of have to go with it now. The kit tool stowage disappeared, and the Aber set I was using is for a post-April '43 vehicle (i.e., with the re-oriented axe stowage) so I'm re-doing it with strip styrene. I got around to re-building the driver's hatch stop/lock and will keep it as I like the way it turned out.

[linked image]

The re-re-done weld beads. For some reason I thought that doing these myself would be better than what comes with the kit, but it turns out I was deluded. Cue the sad trombone:http://www.sadtrombone.com I chipped the old ones off and re-did them with Tamiya "smooth" two-part epoxy. I'm happy with the results now, although I can see they still need a little cleaning up here. There's also some rolled plate texture done with Tamiya grey putty, but as it's not really evident in any of these photos I'll skip explaining how this was done.

[linked image]

The engine deck, source of quite a few moments of confusion on my part. My original references when I strted with this were Jentz & Doyle's Germany's Panther Tank - now that's dating this build - and the Frontline Illustration volume of Panthers at Kursk. Problem is, the last Panther deliveries to both Pz.Abt. 51 and 52 were in May 1943 and some vehicles clearly show details which were supposed to have been implemented in June. With Panzer Tracts 5-1 in hand, I'm now just sticking to what ought to be on an April '43 build and leaving it at that.

Anyway, the vent covers are MIG Productions, and the PE is a mix of Aber and Lion Roar - as I said before, I'm sticking with some of what I've already used and done. Some backdating was necessary, in the form of removing the rain guards from the bases of the engine vent caps and the fuel filler cap. The early 'prong' style of handles were added to the vent caps as well.

Still to come is figuring out where and how I managed to go wrong with the pistol and communications ports, and having another go at the smoke dischargers (among other things) I've also been vascillating between whether to do Pz.Abt. 51 or 52 at Kursk (likely 5 Kp./52) or SS-Pz.Regt. 11 'Hermann von Salza' at Narva, but I've acquired a couple of Premium Edition Panther Ds since I started this and can always do the one I don't choose later. Or Barkmann's '401'. wink.gif

If you've got any questions or suggestions, please let me know.


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