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Storm Models

May 8 2012 at 5:37 PM
Ian Garnett  (Login iangarnett)
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Response to ZU-23-2 finished

Hi all,

I also managed to get one of these beautiful little kits - although I must say mine is not as nicely finished as Anton's example! Great job! I think it was a limited run of 50. Hopefully more will come?

Last year i had a few e-mail conversations last year with Andy (Andriy Bass [andriybass@gmail.com]) which I have put below. He is a really super nice guy and an incredible master model maker. The difficulty is getting to market effectively with the kits. It would be awesome if a company saw this and helped out. The ZU23-2 is great and imagine a ZPU4!! That would be awesome!!


S-60 is one of my fav as well! It is possible to make the kit of it. The problem is to make it a cost effective kit! If you compare the complicity of the master, castings, time and money you put into it with its size and popularity of subject, you might get very pessimistic results in terms of profit making. There is a reason why these two guns were avoided by most AM companies.
To say truth I persuaded Zu-23 and ZPU-4 projects simply out of my own stubbornness - I wanted them in my collection and I hated that they are not available on the market. You have no idea how many ppl tried to convince me these kits won't be cost effective, and they probably were right! I spent 3-4 years and a lot of money to get them done! Just a little example - I was full enough to order 400 KPVT barrels (enough to build 100 ZPU-4s) from Model Point back in 2007. They needed the money in advance and I gave it to them! Each barrel costed me around 4.5$
After 9 months!!! of douching around with my money and not replying on my e-mails Model Point finally sent me my barrels after I wrote a complaint.
Then, due to some other delays the bag of KPVT barrels (which might aswell be bag of gold) sit on my shelf for another 3 years before the master was complete. And it still sits there without instructions and without time to cast parts! DEAD WOOD! I wonder how many years I will have to produce this gun for to get my money back LOL
mind you this is just one example of my craziness. I probably have another 10 projects like this in various stages of completion. what can I say... I am a lousy businessman! LOL I get distracted very easily - and there is soooo many interesting subjects to build!

I will try to contact Miniman and see what their conditions are! Thanks for advice!


On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 11:28 PM, Ian Garnett wrote:
Thanks Andy,

I was really impressed with the finesse of your casting. I wonder if a Company like Miniman Factory would do casting in a partnership (eg profit sharing) arrangement for you? This would mean you could tap into their distribution network to increase your income. Their molding is superb and I think they would be one of the few who would have sufficient skills to mould your fine detail. It also fits within their scope (with the Kraz, PTS-M, Oka and TMM already released within their soviet line). The standard of your kit is a very similar level ¡V well cast and very easy to assemble with excellent fit of parts.
Just a thought, although I don¡¦t know what your business model is and therefore whether this would be economically good for you.

Whatever you choose, please let me know when the ZPU4 is available º ¡V I never thought we would see this in 1/35!! Maybe a ZPU1 and 2 next? And then a 57mm S60!!!


Andy, if you read this - please, please, please continue to release more. Your kits are wonderful!! First dibs on a ZPU-4!!

Best regards

Ian Garnett

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