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I fully understand your points fellas.......................

May 15 2012 at 8:15 PM
Jose. T. Rodriguez  (Login tigerwerke)
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Response to The question could also be asked...

However, I will exercise my right not to buy it. I rather spend the little hobby money I have on some Allied stuff like Commanders new Pre War US Vehicles or any other plastic kit that is Allied or something else besides another German tank (this is coming from MR. German tank himself, ME. Who probably has multiple copies of every single German AFV ever produced in resin or plastic. I am just kind of tired of more German tank stuff, like if a manufacturer was to release another Tiger I/E. I seems to many that manufacturers have released more plastic kits/versions of that tank than the German's made).

I was talking/making my point as a modeler of over 20 years who would like to see other things done, not a manufacturer. Yes Frank I did put my neck out there, don't I "always", that's what makes me, me. No Frank I do not take it personal I know what you and the others meant, and don't worry about the "dig", it's not really one just your honest oppinion.

As a manufacturer and modeler we always need more resin diorama accessory producers, specially if they offer/design stuff no one has done before and give us a good product with a fair price.

I know people will buy it, it's German, but I wish manufacturers like DML would do a little more Allied stuff such as more French tanks, etc. There is so much other stuff out there for manufacturers to do and so little money for modelers to spend.

Cheers all, thanks for the friendships, and comments.


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