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Re: The Thompson

March 8 2017 at 11:41 PM
Steven Zuleski  (Login PolishBrigade)
Missing-Lynx members
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Response to The Thompson

Thx Bob, and no offense taken. This forum is called "constructive comments" for a reason. I do agree with your observation completely, but my bad for not finding a replacement. The length of the magazine alone was a dead give-away for me right up front, but I ran with it. That BAR was a bit bigger than I wanted to deal with in this dio.

I ran thru a basic layout of the base today with all five figs, bikes and proposed structure/veggies. It's going to be challenging to make it look realistic and not too crammed. I'm going to have to study "optical illusionary tactics" to make this work. Ooh, now there were a few big words, lol. Needless to say it's gonna be a "baby rump kisser", if ya know what I mean.

Hey, I built that Harley twice, so I know it's a bit closer to the real thing, lol. Thx for the kind words and your comments Bob, it all helps me make a better go next time round.

Cheers, Ski.
"RuckOver Baby"

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