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April 15 2006 at 2:01 AM


hello everyone,i hope this does not affend any of you that work in the hospital,if it does im sorry as im not trying to affend anyone.But we have a resident that went out to the hospital last month over his toe,well they had to amputate the toe which looks awful.But he came back from the hospital tonight with a stage 3 decube on his right middle toe,open areas on his bottom,bruises all over his tummy and by his scrotum,his bottom and scrotum and sack looks like raw hamburger,now grant it he did not leave the nursing home like this,he is now a 3 person assist,is incotinent to BM,now has a catheder,they send no new orders for him,no pain meds,no antibiotics,his toe that was amputated,well they have dressings inside of it,the area is very red, and stinks.This has saddened us big time because the poor man use to walk,use to take himself to the restroom,all this before he went to the hospital.Why is itthat sometimes residents comes back from the hospital in worse shape then when they went.We are all very saddened by the sight of this poor man.He is a diabetic also.Sometimes i think we care so much that we think of the residents as our own family.

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