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Number on your ''I D BADGE'' Please read

April 27 2006 at 2:29 AM


Starting soon the cna's will soon have numbers on there badge from 1 to 4 and that number tells what level you are at as a cna and that depends on the evaluation you have, and the 1 being the lowest and the four being the highest and the idea behind this is to bring everyone to strive to be the best and to want to become a level ''4'', to me this is spelling out trouble in this place that i work as i can see already and everyone is getting in the mail the levels they are through a letter. Give me your true opinion and if you think this is a good idea or not. all i see is cna's are going to become snitches to become the level number''4'' and alot of i am this and your not. i feel the A.D.O.N and the D.O.N have no clue what this will start and if they do, they want new blood in this place and the best way is this way, anybody out there knows there is tention enough without putting ''numbers'' to tell you what level of a cna you are. telll me you idea and opinion. thankS

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