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Let's talk about enough

October 22 2006 at 11:18 PM


I do not try to speak for all CNAs, only for the good hard working ones will I even view as a nurse aide. I will happily clarify these:

If you work double shifts because one of the nurses darlings decides to call in all the time, then you are my fellow cna.

If you get stuck with 30 patients while the brown noser gets the short hall then you are my fellow cna.

If you truly care about your residents then I call you brother.

If your back is hurting because you cannot get someone to help you lift the heavy resident who is Hoyer restricted because it terrifies them, then I call you sister.

A great few do not like what I have to write and you know something I do not care. You get no where by bashing me because it does not effect me. I know it effects you because you would not be doing it if it did not. Does what I write strike a chord with you? Are you a bad nurse and feel that I am speaking about you?

Let me say this, I am not alone in what I say. There are others who would love to speak out but do not because of the backlash from you few who make our profession hard and unpleasant.

I am a professional. I rarely use profanity but when I do it is emphasize a point. The families thread that was locked was on target and any cna that has an overload at one point has felt like saying those exact words.

The times they are a changing and one day you nurses and your friends will not be able to come round hiding behind your professional mien and try and silence the cna.

This will be my last post here because I can see this board has been taken over by nurses, and I come here to be in the company of fellow cnas.

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