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Re: Let's talk about enough

October 23 2006 at 7:11 PM


Response to Let's talk about enough


Kevin this isn't the first time you have been around. Some of us remember you from before, a couple, maybe three years ago. You were just as negative and draining then as you are now.

People would listen to your concerns a lot more, if you dropped the attitude and presented yourself with a little more respectful mannerism. You come across as arrogant, indignant, selfish, hateful, negative, and immoral at times. You claim to want to speak for all CNA's but you don't-- no ONE person can do that.

You also come across with an attitude of "Us vs. THEM" and THEM would include other aides, nurses, families, management. You cannot be an effective agent for change if you cannot get the team to come together first...whether you mean to or not- you're writes here show us that you're not so much as team player as you are a rebel rouser. You may be proud of that too, I think. But it will get you no where. No one hears the message through the screams and attitude and diversive thinking.

LTC is changing too...slowly, models of care are switching from the medical/nursing home look and feel to a resident controlled model (and I doubt you could survive in this setting, because the residents would be in charge, not you...they say when they eat, shower, go to the bathroom ect ect-- not you.)

We're all different and our thoughts and ideas are all worthy of respect. You show a total disregard for this and therefore, it's no wonder you have met some resistence here. I hope someday you get more knowledge about some of the very things you complain about- there are reasons why some things are the way they are. You need to be able to see outside your own boxed little world before you can expect anything to change.

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  1. Re: Let's talk about enough - kevinicity on Oct 23, 2006, 7:44 PM
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