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November 12 2006 at 8:24 PM


Response to is any one else fed up?


CNA's cannot regulate themselves. It's against every states' laws. Why? We're not allowed to do this because we always work under the license of a nurse. Nurses have been to college; they are educated and tested to assess, DX, write a plan of care and evaluate the outcomes of said plan. CNA's are not, no matter what we would like to think. We're not considered true "professionals"-- i.e. like doctors, nurses, lawyers, ect...our training last anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks and we take courses here and there...but not a concentrated educational program with all the science and nursing-specific curriculum that each state board of nursing mandates.

Since the work we do is not legally allowed to be done independently, (One of the tests of what a professional is)we legally cannot set up our own standards; we cannot set our own rules and career ladders/educational levels; we cannot regulate ourselves.

Nurses are licensed; aides are not. IN my state, yes, aides are licensed and we are upheld to a higher standard than most other states= but we still must work under an RN.

This is valid for HHA's too.

Working at different places will give us opportunities for new training and titles. But in the end, each state has a legal title for us- CNA, STNA, LNA-- and we have to settle for this.

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