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re: Any CNA's (additional)

March 10 2007 at 2:24 PM

Response to Any CNA's Work In A Hospital?


One more major point about hospital (I cut off previous answer). A very large area of complaints by CNA's (on this forum) are with the nurses. In the hospital, you worked a large portion of every day one-on-one with the nurses, unlike LTC. I have been a 'cheerleader' for the nurses as opposed to continual complainer. But, nurses at my place 'only' had 4-5 patients a shift --- not 20 to 30. Nursing, and therefore, nurse assisting, is totally different in a hospital. Nurses work one-on-one with patients, as CNA's do. No, not all --- some bad nurses, some unhelpful nurses, some cranky ones, etc. But nurses were more 'peers' in the hospital. In LTC, there always seemed to be an adversarial relationship if there was any 'relationship' at all. I could go an entire shift only seeing a nurse once. On a hospital shift, you're in constant communication, if not working directly, with them.

So, if you can handle big-time multitasking, like to continuously learn, accepting that your routine is constant interruption (not just call lights, but had phones ---
I often had multiple phone calls going on and had to prioritize), have priorities literally change every 10 minutes, continually meeting and discharging patients, and can deal with ALL bodily fluids from EVERY orifice, can deal with isolation procedures, and have the day go by in 'minutes', it's for you. It's a 'rush'.....

If you have difficulty with the 'textbook' portion of the CNA class, you may struggle in the hospital with the 'technical' info you will need to learn. Cares I struggled with, bigtime, but you can improve those easily. If you do poorly in school, with bad study habits, you won't learn what you need to succeed in the hospital.

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