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Re: re: Union Disunity...

April 24 2007 at 8:21 AM


Response to Re: re: Union Disunity...

What is worker rights vs. choice?
When we each accept a job, we do so knowing full well in most cases what the rate of pay is.
We also know what benefits come with said job. And we know we might have to work an extra shift because our peers call out so often and leave the units low staffed...sometimes very unsafely.

We make a choice.
We can take it or leave it.

Where does worker rights come into this? Who says it's a "right" to get better pay? And benefits?
We can demand, through our unions, better staffing. But where are they gonna cough up these aides?
And do we care if these aides are qualified people? Do we want just a body?

I'm not arguing that these issues are not worthy- of course they are. But they are not our rights.

Yes, we work with nutty and abusive bosses. Those who are on a power trip so we think. Do unions change this? Or do they provide a shield for us so we cannot directly confront the bosses?

Convince me that unions do good. I used to be very pro union, and not that long ago. But I have yet to see any real tangible evidence that being in a union actually changes my working conditions.
I have seen lazy abusive aides get away with near murder because the union defended these aides "rights"--- while the residents suffered. I have seen call out queens call out on sunny hot days and head to the beaches....and made my shift much harder with the increased work load...and the union defend the "rights" of the call out queen over my right to have adequate staffing- and therefore the resident's right to good care. The evil management attempts to hold these aides accountable with warnings and what not...the aide cries foul...the union steps in to defend and defer....meanwhile, they keep on neglecting their duties (and residents) and calling out. I pick up the slack by working harder, going back behind the lazy aides' ass to re-do the slobby care given and taking on the extra workload cause the other is OUT yet again.

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