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Stress as a CNA

October 20 2007 at 2:23 PM

My Ltc is getting ready to have a mandatory inservice on stress in the workplace, and I want some good input!! If your question or concern is addressed, I will let you know what my workplace had to say about it!! I am soooooo (yawning right now) tired of outsourced help to come in and do inservices about what we already know, this job is rewarding, but it does have its downfalls, especially if you really love taking care of people. My place is the Ohio Masonic Home in Springfield, Ohio. We had this inservice last year, and it wuz a JOKE!!!!!! Give me some good questions to make people think. I am a proud CNA, but too shy to start World War 3!! Here are a few things I would like to say at the meeting, but never do---

1. How do I tell a co-worker that I am doing 75% of the work, while he/she is doing 25%, especially if they are really caring to the residents, but soooooo slow?

2. When I see A supervisor sticking up for certain employees, and not others, how am I supposed
to take that? Work harder, or kiss up?

3. If it is my word against another, or two, how am I going to prove I am right?

4. Scheduling is unfair - a certain few were forced to work every weekend or quit,
while others enjoy every other weekend off, to keep their same schedules.

5. I work 11p-7a, how can I provide peri care, oral care, grooming, dressing, toileting;
all components of A.M. care, (everything we do in the morning), when I have 12 residents?

1. Hello and wake up - 1 minute
2. Toilet - 5 minutes
3. Wash face, hands, back, underarms,and peri area -5 minutes
4. Oral care - 3 minutes
5. Dressing and transfers - 3 minutes
6. Overall room check, all linens removed,call light in place, or move resident to certain
area - 3 minutes

20 minutes = good, if not quality resident care
20 minutes x 12 residents = 240 minutes, or 4 hours

Option A - I start getting people out of bed at 3AM and doing cares
Option B - I start getting people out of bed at 5AM and give half the care
that is required.

3 Wash face, hands, underarms, back, peri area - 5 minutes

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