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Re: Have you ever been assaulted at work?

August 11 2009 at 1:10 PM

Response to Have you ever been assaulted at work?


Just for clarification, I mean being assaulted by your patients.

I used to have one patient who had severe alzheimers disease. He was a very, very strong man, and sometimes it would take 3 of us to get him up, change him & put him to bed. His family refused to allow the doctor to put him on meds that would calm him down. We endured abuse from this resident for 4 years. (we still loved him though) He sent several CNA's and 2 Nurses to the ER for punching them in the stomach and eye. He even got me once, but there was no need for me to go to the ER. What used to get me, was the DON would tell us to "deal" with it because he didn't know what he was doing.

Another situation was were a CNA was stabbed by a patient. This patient may not have been able to walk & he may have had alzheimers, but he was able to plan and execute this assault on the CNA. He decided to stab CNA as he collected his dinner tray! How about that!

Last situation is a bit extreme. We had a lady who faught anyone who tried to dress her. She was also a two person assist. One day, she punched a CNA in her breast so hard, she instantly bruised and eventually had to be taken to the ER because she was crying in severe pain. When she asked the DON what she was going to do, the DON said nothing. The resident was sick, so she had to "deal". Well, the CNA had enough and decided to call the cops and guess what? The cops came with an ambulance for the patient. Our LTC had to immediately ship this resident off to a "physch" ward and she was not allowed to return. She was considered a "threat". Hmmmm.....makes me wonder how many other assault cases probably should have been reported to the police instead of being ignored!

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