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CNA with a complicated issue.

April 13 2012 at 9:25 PM

I have been a CNA for over 2 years but have only worked as a HHA. I needed more stability and a steadier income so I applied at some nursing homes. I got hired at 2 places and went in for an interview for a 3rd. I REALLY wanted to work at the 3rd, due to its reputation. I went through the ODDEST interview EVER with #3. I was told to go home, mull it over, decide if I wanted to work there and call back with my decision and they would check my references. I OBVIOUSLY wanted to work there, since I applied there!!

I called first thing the next morning, said I would love to work there, left a message on the voicemail and heard nothing and they still haven't checked my references.

During the interview, I was told how the majority of people applying only care about money and not the people and so when it came down to "do you have any questions" I was afraid to ask about the pay rate. They didn't discuss how many hours they were hiring for, they didn't talk about benefits, holidays, vacation/sick pay, and it put me in a very awkward position. I asked about holidays, what was their policy, the answer was "well, if you're scheduled to work on a holiday then you work on a holiday".. I clarified that I meant that other facilities usually offer every other holiday, and then no response. They didn't volunteer any information about the pay rate, so I don't even know what I'd be offered. I mean, they didn't even tell me if you get breaks in an 8 hour shift.

This place has an outstanding reputation both locally and nationally, they RARELY hire, which is why I was so excited to even get an interview. I guess my question is, do I call them back on Monday AGAIN or does this put me in a bad spot? I feel stupid calling again, and yet, I do wonder why they didn't get back to me or check my references. I went to their website earlier and it boasts about how they offer exceptional pay, benefits, etc., etc., etc., so is it me or what??

In the meantime, I have 2 solid offers and one starts next week, the other starts the following week and they're both pretty even, so I am torn right now. Do I just say forget #3 and pick from the first 2?

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