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B40 Making a breech seal

March 10 2007 at 11:56 PM
Chris K  (Login klickcue)

Bought a piece of Polyurethane rod, Shore 75D from McMaster-Carr.

I made the new breech seal longer and got rid of the spacing washer that were under the factory seal. I could have used the factory seal that had popped out of a used B40 that I had purchased, but wanted it as a sample for future repairs if needed.

The 1 inch OD Polyurethane rod was placed in the chuck of my lathe.

A router was mounted on the tool holder. A 3/8 inch carbide wood router bit was used to cut the OD to size to fit the compression cylinder. A hole was drilled into the rod to allow the air to pass through and finally the router was remounted as a boring router with a 1/4 inch carbide wood router bit. The breech hole was bored to depth then the router was swung to 15 degrees to cut the final entrance lip.

Have Fun!
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Last Publish Date 2-04-2007

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