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It's solid..and "slick sided"...

August 4 2010 at 7:39 PM
robert  (Login gubb33ps)

Response to That is a great idea Robert. you have inspired me.

..but for those who want added screws, add as many as you'd care to. Don't think they are needed (take a good look at the size of the two screws that do enter that ring, and how the stock stud passes though the air tube).

We digress from the lower power/long shot count post.

1. Do the smoothing and porting, will be using a small volume of gas so a clear smooth path might be more important than when pushing a large volume.
2. Lighten the striker.
3. Strangle off the transfer port.
4. Lighten the spring, but only to a point (lighter striker needs the speed)
5. Add an HDD.

Have tried a "sling shot" striker, but there is limited room in the issue assembly. Am thinking the "cock on opening" mod might be useful in gaining more length for this trick. Idea is to have the striker under zero spring tension when it is at rest against the valve. With a shorter/stiffer spring, the strker gets the same speed, but without spring tension when in contact with the valve, tends to let the valve shut a bit faster.

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