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I'm just starting on my 9th tin of pellets on my Vortek PG2...

August 5 2010 at 2:55 PM

John Lucas  (Login jlucas50)

Response to replacement B40 spring & maintenance questions

It's shooting 7.9's at 960 and 8.4's at 925 (yesterday), and that's with the original seal. I just put my stock TX spring and guide in the B-40 and I think I'll put a Vortek in that one also. Keep in mind that with the Vortek setup, you are removing the front guide which removes mass (weight). The springs are designed such as to compensate for the lighter weight piston and achieve factory energy. Do the springs have to work more? Do they incur more stress? Heck if I know but the results they've given to me are good. I expect to get the same quality spring in my next kits, which, in the two I already have, has been phenomenal.Judging by the post down the page a bit, it looks like John in PA or Rich in Mich might be good to bounce your B-40 questions off of.

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