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I have a valve in the parts box all stuffed and fettled.

August 23 2010 at 10:36 PM
Cal  (Login CalG)

Response to I had the same results. A lot more consistent

I'm waiting to give it a try, but without a ballistic chronometer any "results" will be only subjective. What has been made up is an aluminum turning placed in the valve body that is a close fit on the piercing pin, occupies the space originally given for the filter bit, and replaces the washer that the stock spring stops against. Stuffed! If not severely throttled.

The thought being a "fixed volume" restriction on the supply, when released of pressure, will assure vaporization of the working fluid on the way to perform it's task.

No thought of spring rates or pre-loads until reading this thread starting reference.

What a winding path. There are so many aspects in need of integral calculus in this airgunning. Must we all be math-magicians?

Heck, squirrels overhead, inertia and momentum, POI and POA.
I tell ya' it's a conspiricy! Quite enjoyable too.

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