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All this hype on th B 40 and I get this.

September 3 2010 at 11:51 PM
james  (Login jamesiv)

I have been hearing nothing but great things from everyone on the B 40 all the way down to the BB blog saying it ourshoots the TX. I wanted to wait for the 46 but called best air guns and Mike said, " Oh wait I have two left, but I took them down off the site since I only had two." I said alright I will take one. He said he had to get it ready to ship and didnt ship for 4 days after my order.

Well gun came today and I cocked it aimed and pushed safety in that was very hard to do and pulled trigger and NOTHING. I took in house to decock and the button on side to release wouldnt release. So I got plyers and pulled safety out and BAM....gun went off and shot a hole in my ceiling. I took apart trigger and it was not engaging. I am not good at working with guns so I just stopped there and called mike early today and got no reply but saw on forum he is gone for weekend.

I guess my question is did I just get a leftover bad rifle cause evern the stock is not uniformed. It is not cut down center for the barrel it is far from close to being even and mechanically it doesnt even work. I am hoping that I get my money back or replaced with a new rifle that is as nice as everyone says and SHOOTS.

Let me know if you have a 40 and if mine is just left over junk.

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