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EMEI rifle...

October 11 2010 at 11:23 AM
Calvin Ledford  (Login cledford3)

Response to I have one!


Thanks so much for the reply! Do you still have yours? Any chance you could post a pic or two so we could have this locked down for anyone looking in the future?

I was getting very discouraged about finding out exactly what the rifle is - as I've tapped in to every resource I could find on the web, including pinging pretty much everyone who is big into the Chinese rifles. No one was even remotely confident they might know what it was sad.gif

I concur with all of your assessments about build, fit/finish, accuracy and trigger. Mine has a great trigger (I would guess not more than 4lbs and possibly less!) was VERY accurate and quite powerful. It is built like a tank and the tapered barrel exudes (to me) the quality and heft of one you would find on a firearm. The trigger alone (and I'm quite familiar with triggers in the
So, given that we've now identified the rifle - would you happen to know where I might get replacement parts for it? I'm guessing that after heavy use (by me) early in life and then sitting around for the last 20+ years, it needs some TLC. I'd love to find a stock as well - but at this point, I'm guessing that will be unlikely and I'd just like to know how to get it (and keep it ) running well.

I have taken it out and fired ti a couple of times in the M1 stock and it seems less powerful than I recall. I'm guessing it really needs oiled, etc. I'm hoping I didn't damage the leather seal in doing so - I guess only time will tell. It still worked fine - but in retrospect, I'm sure I should have provided TLC prior to shooting it.

Anyhow, any help you or others might be able to provide would be much appreciated.


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