Thanks guys

October 18 2010 at 10:27 PM
ChrisN  (Login ChrisNicholson)

Response to Been away from these springers for a while - what replaced the Xisico B20?

I appreciate the help.

I never left the sport, but once I found Air Arms, HW, FWB, Walther, Daystate, Theoben, etc., I felt I never had any reason to go back and lost touch with what was happening in Chinese production.

But they got me back into a hobby I left when I was 15. For that I am glad.

Did the B26 make a good impression then? Wondering why it is out of production.

Like I said, the B20 seemed ahead of the rest 5 or 6 years ago to me because of the build design of the internals and the adjust ability of the trigger.

Do any other BAM models offer a rekord copy? In my opinion the B20 trigger could adjust up light years ahead of the others, even the new gamo Big Cat that I had apart last weekend. I assume some of the aftermarket trigger upgrades will improve a lot of them. And the guide in the big cat....honestly...could Gamo not do better than that? Even the Hatson 33 factory guide has a better spring guide fit (had them both apart the same night) And the robustness of the Hatson piston, gauge of the metal, cocking arm. Interesting for such an inexpensive springer. Three brothers, all shooting airguns. The oldest just purchased his new Gamo from his savings, the parents bought the Hatson the youngest, and I am asking about the B20/26 for the middle son.

I believe I have made my way into every spring gun I've owned in a effort to improve their shot cycle. Been down this road many times, many custom guides, many springs, many seals, different lube trials, etc. I shoot and compete with PCP mostly now, but there is no replacement for a springer. Love and hate, and a good education. Lots of fun.

Thanks for the information thus far.

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