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QB79 Match barrel

October 24 2010 at 6:17 PM
woogie  (Login woogie_man)

Ok so I sold some stuff and am looking at getting a new barrel for the QB I have slowly been working on.

While looking, and thinking, I had a few questions that popped into my head..

1.. Most accurate barrel, have a feeling I know what it is, but always like other people opinion.
2.. Where to get said barrel.
3.. Barrel length, am wanting to have a small backpack rifle, but still keep it as accurate as possible. I do have an LDC already, that I would like to use again on the build.

Those are the main questions. A few things to mention is that the rifle will mainly be run off of Co2, not sure if barrel length will cause any problems. And the end of the barrel will have to be threaded at -15mm. So if the place that I get the barrel from can do that, what would be the price?

I will soon be looking at different stocks the the rifle as well. The one I made was nice, but way to big for a back pack rifle. Been looking at some Aluminum channel stock, I may make a "tactical" stock for her. So any advice here would be great as well.

Thanks again guys

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